About Nicole Tinney

 I have been taking pictures since I got my first Fisher-Price camera at 5 years old. There was always something thrilling about preserving a moment in time forever. Although I have learned a few things since then, one thing that has not changed is my need to freeze images with a camera; no matter how much I think I will remember, subtle, special, everyday details are forgotten sooner than I'd like.

I am a mom and a teacher; I realize how quickly children change and grow, and how precious each stage is. Kids are silly, adventurous, happy, serious, inquisitive and can take your breath away with their compassion.

There are so many details that make a child special; some go unnoticed unless you pay attention.

I love how my daughter's big green eyes widen when she figures something out and the look she gets before she is about to suck her thumb. I love the way my son grins that tells me he is about to go barreling towards something new, the way his eyes light up when he sees his sister, and the utter joy evident in both of them when Daddy comes home. I know there are plenty of moments like this in your family- let me freeze them for you.

Nicole majored in Photography at University of Delaware and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She then worked for a Montgomery County childrens' sports photographer while pursuing a Masters degree in Elementary Education. Nicole has been a teacher for several years, but never lost her passion for taking photographs. Following the birth of her second child, Nicole had the opportunity to pursue her dream of beginning her own family portrait business.